Individual Coaching Programs

People work with me when things are uncertain and unclear. Circumstances are distressing. Understanding self and others is elusive. Decisions feel heavy. You feel “stuck”. Overwhelm is looming. The path forward seems obscured.

Coaching conversations impact your understanding with clarity. Gives greater awareness of your strengths, your potential, and your value to yourself and others ensues. Possibilities arise. You plan your best path toward your future with confidence and energy.


Based soundly on Relationship Theory, and evolving continuously since the 1960s, the Core Strengths SDI2.0 (C) assessment tool generates four practical and concise summaries: your motivation value system (MVS) when things are going well; your MVS when you are conflicted; your Strengths Portrait (how others see you); a portrait of how you are seen when your strengths are “overused”.

The Resilience at Work R@W (C) Assessment tool provides a snapshot of your personal resilience in seven areas. The R@W program offers questions to support you as you become more robust in face of your daily and extraordinary stressors.

I am a Certified LEADS 360 Assessment (C) Debrief Coach for Organizations and Individuals working with the Canadian College of Health Leaders.

Wellbeing and Leadership Workshops and Webinars

Our Wellbeing Workshops integrate Work into Your Life, Energy Management, Communication, Connectedness, Conflict and Emotion, Healthy Decisions, Joy in Work, Thriving in Stress, Creating an Awesome Office Practice, Planning For Your Future After Medicine.

Our Leadership Workshops include: Self-Awareness and Your Leadership Style, Purposeful Connections, Wholehearted Communication, Psychological Safety, Engaging Others, Meeting Mastery, Difficult Conversations, Setting Goals and Achieving Outcomes, Your Dynamic Development Plan.