I Help Doctors Build Greater Purpose, Confidence, Resilience and Joy.

My Passion is to Work With Doctors and Medical Trainees, Supporting Their Wellbeing, Growth, and Success.

I Work With Doctors Who Are:

  • New to clinical practice
  • Moving into a leadership role
  • Getting off the treadmill
  • Considering retirement
  • Leading teams and colleagues
  • Needing to build resilience
  • Needing to improve communication
  • Distressed by circumstances
  • Making big decisions or at a crossroads
  • Finding a way forward
  • Seeking something more

Compassionate. Direct. Kind.

Dr. Anne McNamara, Doctor Coach

About Anne McNamara

My background in Clinical Respiratory Medicine, Critical Care, and Medical Leadership gives me a deep and broad experience of the Doctor’s world.

In my leadership roles, I coached Doctors and trainees in transition, new and established Medical leaders , distressed physicians, and teams of Doctors and other health care providers facing challenging situations.

Coaching Programs

The International Coaching Federation defines coaching as partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

During our coaching sessions, my deep listening, thought-provoking and compassionate feedback, and focused inquiry help you see your thoughts. You become better able to clarify issues, see alternate perspectives, identify barriers, and purposefully make choices that are best for you.


  • Settling into Your Medical Practice
  • Medical Career Development
  • Transition Mastery
  • Strengths Based Coaching For Medical Leaders
  • Resilience at Work For Doctors & Medical Trainees
  • Finding Your Heart in Medicine
  • Coaching For Your Unique Needs


  • Effective Communication Strategies for Doctors
  • Supporting Your Medical Peers
  • Navigating the Leadership Seas
  • Nurturing Robust Resilience
  • Design a Fulfilling Retirement
  • Launching Your Clinical Practice
  • Managing Conflict and Emotion at Work

The Impacts of Our Coaching Conversations:

  • New understanding of your thinking, assumptions, and biases
  • Uncluttered knowledge of your career and personal priorities
  • Ability to identify your full potential to bring great value to yourself and others
  • Confidence to live and work in alignment with your deepest values

Lawrence Yang, MD CCFP DABFM

Head, Family Medicine Department, Surrey Memorial Hospital

Medical Director, Gateway Medical Centre

As a busy family doc, I was recovering from work-related burnout. Coaching sessions with Anne McNamara were great for my well being. I was able to focus on what really mattered. I am more empowered; more equipped to sustain balance in my professional and personal life. My colleagues and family notice good changes in me.

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