Reconnecting at Work

How well do these statements describe you?

  • I know about my colleagues’ non-work lives.
  • I take coffee or lunch breaks with others.
  • I feel included. I belong.
  • I have a friend at work I can talk to.
  • Colleagues talk to me about their challenges.
  • I share hobbies or interests with others at work.
  • I can call or text colleagues outside work hours.

What surprises you?

8 Small Ways to Connect at Work

  • Send a “hi, how’s Your day?” text.
  • Thank someone for what they did earlier, yesterday, last week, including specifically how that improved your day.
  • Keep your eyes up in the hall and say “Hello”.
  • Stop briefly and greet whoever is working right there beside you.
  • If you need a 5 minute break, text a colleague and meet for tea, coffee, water.
  • Ask someone you know to tell you about their hobby, pet, kids, travel, sport.
  • Send a group message to say you’re taking a moment to go outside and would be happy with company.
  • Take out that pic of your dog, kids, garden, soccer team. “I want to show you how excited, proud, thrilled, sad, happy I am that…”

Sow tiny seeds of connection, water them and keep them warm. Such small actions can change not only your day, but the day of another.